Drone Air Cargo UAV

Dorsal Aircraft Corporation is developing unmanned cargo aircraft platforms of unparalleled efficiency and flexibility that help tie the world's existing rail and truck infrastructures. The designs and patents directly impact development costs of each flying platform as well as operational costs. These platforms accomplish significant cost reductions by using existing proven technologies. The company's developments encompass jumbo size drone cargo aircraft to payload aircraft.

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Dorsal Aircraft Corporation
1027 Cindy Lane
Carpinteria, CA 93013 USA

Tel: +1-805-618-2535
Fax: +1-805-364-5934
Dorsal Aircraft Corporation has licensed from Biosphere Aerospace LLC the worldwide rights
for developing civilian cargo fixed wing drone aircraft for transporting Intermodal containers.
DORSAL drone cargo aircraft shift the intermodal container weight to the structural part of the equation adding significant additional payload capacity for the same amount of fuel.

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